Poundland, Nottingham Riverside

Air Conditioning • De-Stratification Fans • Extract & Supply Ventilation

CMS Mechanical Services are proud to have been involved in one of Poundland’s largest stores to date at Nottingham, Riverside. The store not only offers Poundland’s widest range of products, but also its PEP&CO clothing brand as well as homeware.

After successfully tendering, CMS were awarded the opportunity to provide a range of mechanical services to ensure the project met building control standards, whilst providing a comfortable environment and temperature for customers and retail staff alike.

Closely following Poundland’s design criteria and taking into consideration the vast open retail space, a suitable air conditioning solution was generated. Subsequent layout drawings were approved for implementation and adhered to during the installation.

The store is served by a number of Toshiba air conditioning cassette systems operating on R32 refrigerant gas. The air conditioning systems work in conjunction with a number of De-Stratification fans also mounted at high level, to help redistribute trapped heated air in the roof space back down the low level.

Extract ventilation within the building has been adapted and modified from the previous tenant to suit Poundland’s requirements, ensuring stale and stagnant air is removed from the amenity areas. The works also included a complete new extract system being installed to the stores new oven located in the back of house, exhausting any food processing fumes to external.

The systems were commissioned and the project handed over on time, as the store successfully opened it’s doors on Saturday 12th February 2022.

Completion: February 2022

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