ALDI Distribution Centre, Tamworth

Gas Fired Warm Air Heating • De-Stratification Fans

CMS Mechanical Services recently carried out a large gas fired warm air heating installation at a Distribution Centre located in Tamworth.

The vast warehouse area, required a total of 11 no. 90.00kW heaters to be installed, suspended at high level. These were strategically positioned around the perimeter and centrally down the spine of the building to provide maximum coverage.

The unit heaters operate in conjunction with a total of 30 no. De-Stratification fans also mounted at high level, to help redistribute trapped heated air in the roof space back down the low level within the warehouse.

The existing 4″ incoming gas supply was adapted and extended, to serve each unit heater. All gas pipework was manufactured at Harris Pipework Fabrications and powder coated to ‘Yellow Ochre” BS08C35 as standard.

To provide complete combustion to each unit the manufacturer’s horizontal co-axial flue was installed on all 9 no. heaters surrounding the perimeter of the building , with the flues terminating through the external wall elevations via flue terminals. (2 no. Heaters positioned centrally down the spine of the unit, were installed with vertical flues terminating through the roof, externally weather proofed and sealed.

Each heater was wired and configured to operate via an individual controller located at floor level.

Overall, the project was successfully delivered on time, adhering to a strict 6 week programme of works.

Completion: October 2019

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