De Havilland Aircraft Museum Hangar

Air Conditioning • Ventilation • Plumbing & Sanitary Ware

Thanks to money raised by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and funding received from several Trusts, Foundations and donations an Aircraft Museum in London Colney was granted official permission to enable the building of a large new hangar at the museum. This facility now provides an all-undercover experience for visitors to see a range of historic aircraft.

CMS Mechanical Services were awarded following tender the opportunity to provide a range of mechanical services to ensure the project met building control standards and provided a comfortable environment for members, guests and visitors alike. This included the supply and installation of 7 no. suspended air conditioning cassettes to provide cooled and conditioning air during the summer months, whilst providing a valuable heat source throughout the winter to the offices and open spaces above the mezzanine floor.

Extract ventilation was adequately sized and installed within each and every space to ensure all visitors benefit from freshly circulated air, whilst any unwanted smells and stagnant air is withdrawn from the building to external, providing a comfortable environment for everyone.

The extent of the ventilation also saw us undertake the task of installing five large roof vents within the roof space, to enable trapped warm air to escape and help to reduce the overall temperature within the building during the warm summer months. The vents were connected to a rain and wind sensor to ensure they automatically close off in the event of poor weather conditions.

Lastly, we supplied and installed all sanitaryware and hot and cold plumbed water services throughout the building, all of which was delivered on schedule for the grand opening.

Completion Date: August 2019

De Havilland
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